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Monday, May 12, 2008

Stress on the Executive

The Duty Solicitor was on his feet mitigating for his small and scruffy client, who sat in the dock darting shifty glances around the courtroom. "I am pleased to say, sir, that Mr. Paton is getting on well with his community sentence, and that he has obtained employment. He is to start work next Monday as a Recycling Executive".
When I heard this I was forced to busy myself with my papers and to take a sip of water, firstly to cover up my amusement at the job description (I think it means working in a scrapyard), and secondly to hide my surprise that any solicitor could still have the front to say that his client has a job to start on Monday - one of the most tired old clich├ęs in the book.
One day a lawyer will stand in front of me and tell me that his client started a job last Monday; then I will be surprised.