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Monday, January 17, 2005

What do you think?

Elsewhere on the Interweb I was asked the following question and gave the following answers:-

Which do you think is the true one?


Dear Bystander/Magistrate, the question is: What is your motivation for
working as a magistrate?

1) A monster ego
2) A desire, nay lust, to humble and persecute my fellow citizens
3) A grovelling deference to higher authority
4) The Master of my Masonic Lodge told me to
5) A masochistic pleasure in spending one or more days each week being buggered about without any pay whatsoever
6) An equally masochistic pleasure in seeing the Government (of whichever colour) change the rules every time that I have begun to understand the old ones
7) The right to be the butt of all legal jokes in my local pub, and to be bored shitless every time some overpaid idiot gets a speeding ticket
8) I want to try my best to do a necessary job, and to apply all that I have learned from life with a combination of firmness and compassion.

PS: Not all of the above are true. You may decide for yourself which is