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Monday, May 09, 2005

Off-Topic But it's My Blog After All (2)

This blog is one man's personal view from inside the magistracy - it isn't political.

(deep breath, pause) So what the hell is wrong with our newly elected politicians?

Two or three thousand people stood for Parliament. Most lost. Winners and losers spent months and years with little else on their minds but the election. Last Thursday all was resolved.

By Friday morning everyone from the Prime Minister to the bloke who got 14 votes for the Save The Gay Whales coalition was tired. Knackered. Exhausted. Shagged out. Sleep-deprived.

Why, for God's sake, couldn't the silly sods agree on a political break (but they would want to call it a moratorium) for, say, a week in which nobody spoke to the press or indeed did anything energetic? After a few nights' sleep everyone would be feeling better and thinking brighter. So what's the hurry, everyone? You have at least four years to another election.

Take a few days off - you know it makes sense.

(PS: Now you know for sure that I am naive (okay, Pedants 'R' us, naif then)).