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Friday, July 08, 2005

Quiz Answers

Here are the guideline entry points for sentencing the various theft-related offences that I posted the other day:-

1) Aggravated Vehicle Taking (i.e. where damage is caused)
2) Burglary (Dwelling)
Commit to Crown Court
3) Burglary (Non-Dwelling)
Community Penalty
4) Evasion of Duty (e.g. smuggled cigs or alcohol)
Community Penalty
5) Going Equipped for Theft
Community Penalty
6) Handling Stolen Goods
Community Penalty
7) Making Off Without Payment ('bilking')
Discharge or Fine
8) Obtaining By Deception
Community Penalty
9) Social Security Fraud
Community penalty
10) Taking Vehicle Without Consent
Community Penalty
11) Theft
Community Penalty
12) Theft in Breach of Trust

No two offences are exactly alike of course; theft can be a £10 shoplifting or a £75,000 Porsche so sentences can go up or down the scale, but this will give you some idea of where we start our deliberations.