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Friday, December 23, 2005


In the last few days we have dealt with, inter alia:-

A man in his seventies charged with Common Assault.

A Tamil with a name so long that everyone but the interpreter found ways not to have to pronounce it.

A respectable and mature man who got so drunk at his firm's Christmas do that he did something very silly indeed and now faces a community penalty at the very least.

A man who lost his licence and then lied to keep his job, leaving him facing a serious possibility of prison for the deception.

A man who was evidently a bit loopy but who did not fit the criteria for legal aid, leading us to apply a creative version of the rules so that he would have a lawyer for his trial. (This was a classic example of the Ways and Means Act in operation).

A CPS prosecutor who decided that a spat between parent and son in which no blow was struck, but a cheap clock was damaged was a Domestic Violence case that required the full rigours of the CPS' zero-tolerance policy.