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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And As For This..........

This scheme shows every sign of having been devised by someone who has absolutely no idea of how courts work.

Who is, or are "the community"? Who decides who they are? Who elects them? Who selects them?

When being helped by the "community" to "devise appropriate sentences" will the existing structure of the law be used, or can we make it up as we go along?

What a lot of tosh.

What will kill it is that it is bound to cost more than the present system, and there is no money.

And another thing.....This particular magistrate is insulted by the insinuation that some self-selected "community" representative knows the turf better than I do. I was born in my court's area. I grew up in it, went to school there. The local council paid for me to go to university, and I have worked in the area as a businessman and latterly as a magistrate for the whole of my life. Is that "community" enough for you, Ms Harman?