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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Here's an Odd One

October is the AGM season for benches. We elect our bench officers and committee members, hear from the Clerk and the Bench Chairman, and sort out procedural matters for the year ahead.
This took me by surprise, in today's 'Times':-
JPs’ vote inquiry
Police have been called in to investigate allegations of cheating in a vote involving 241 JPs after 15 extra votes were cast in the annual election for two deputy chairmen of the East Dorset magistrates’ bench. An official said the possibility of error would be investigated, but irregularity was “more likely”.

I find it hard to believe that anyone should be so anxious to become a deputy bench chairman that they would resort to skulduggery. It's not as if the position is paid, and it doesn't carry the sort of prestige that will get you a good table in a restaurant. We shall see what happens - I usually prefer the theory of the cock-up to that of the conspiracy.