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Friday, November 03, 2006


More than once we have seen comments on here and elsewhere implying that there is something dishonourable about defence solicitors being paid for their work - why they should be different from anyone else is is a mystery. In fact Legal Aid solicitors' pay is among the lowest in the profession, and many young barristers too are living from hand to mouth. The newly qualified lawyer in a police station at 2 a.m. is probably earning a lot less than the Custody Sergeant.
By contrast the City firms pay very fancy money - I am grateful to RollOnFriday.com for this table of what the Magic Circle of top law firms are paying for someone with three years' Post Qualification Experience

Allen & Overy £88,600
Slaughter and May £81,500
Linklaters £76,800
Clifford Chance £77,000
Freshfields £77,000
Herbert Smith £74,000
Mind you they really work their people hard, and long hours are the norm. Nevertheless, it's good money, isn't it?