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Friday, January 19, 2007

Back To The Drawing Board, Hoskins

From the Daily Telegraph:- (thanks to Chase Me Ladies for the link)

The Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) - which the Serious Crime Bill abolishes - also tried to take money and assets in the civil courts from alleged criminals who could not be brought before the criminal courts and, after four years, had failed to complete any cases in the courts in England and Wales.
So another bright idea founders, as millions of pounds slip quietly down the drain. So it was, is now, and ever more shall be.
RIP Intermittent Custody, Custody Plus, Child Support Agency, Night Courts, Unit Fines, and the rest. The depressing thing is that most of these failed wheezes will resurface in a few years time, as soon as ministers move on and civil servants have gone home to Camberley to draw their pensions.