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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Annoyingly, I have had to migrate to New Blogger, a process that was accomplished by what I can only describe as bullying. As part of this I had to log in with a gmail account that I had anyway. So the software flagged up that gmail account, hitherto unused, and when I looked by chance I discovered a handful of emails to that account, one of which I have now lost. It told me that the link in this post no longer led to the Times letter referred to, because the Times transfers its archive to a paid-for site after a while. So, whoever you are, I am sorry, but I can't point you to the letter you seek. If anyone out there has corporate-type access to the site, let me know, and I will pass the wise words on.
For the record, the email that I check every day is bystander at hotmail dot co dot uk. I can't do anything about the gmail one at the top of the blog apart from fume.