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Monday, July 09, 2007

An Alien Speaks

Channel 4 Radio is a newly licenced digital channel. I recorded a piece for them last year, and it is now on their site here. It's Programme 6, entitled A Magistrate. To protect my anonymity they have distorted my voice so I sound like one of the nasties out of an old episode of Dr Who. The piece by a barrister is interesting too- give it a go if you have time.

(edit - 15th July)
Roland White in the Sunday Times is not a fan:
The first show I clicked on was Secret Confessions of a Magistrate, which was like a Justice of the Peace’s after-dinner talk with music playing in the background. It sounded like the soundtrack of a recruiting video for the Magistrates’ Association. There were a couple of courtroom jokes – how the bench got the better of an expensive QC and the amusing local drunk who described the court as “a tabernacle of mercy”. It was interesting in its way, but hardly at the cutting edge of broadcasting, which is where Channel 4 (home of Bus Pass Boob Jobs) likes to see itself.

The whole piece is here.