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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another Slice of Salami, Sir?

From Sky News:
Footballer Teddy Sheringham has been cautioned for perverting the course of justice after his arrest for allegedly giving false details about a speeding offence.
The former England striker, who won 51 caps, was one of three footballers arrested in May in connection with the alleged offence, which he later categorically denied.
Scotland Yard would not confirm the footballer's name but said: "A 41-year-old man was cautioned today for perverting the course of justice".
To be cautioned, you have to admit the offence. The going rate for an offence such as this is custody, but Mr. Footballer has got a caution. This was decided administratively, in private, and by public servants without intervention by an impartial and independent judiciary.
But hey, just think of the goals he scored. To those of you who aren't famous and who don't play football, I repeat my advice not to try to lie your way out of a speeding ticket, because you may well go to prison as a result. To the rich sporty and famous, don't bother lads. The Prosecution Team will see you all right.
This is a bloody outrage.