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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Now That's Real Community Justice

As I sat watching the rain lashing down on my recent break, a pile of books and a glass of wine to hand, I had a sudden flash of inspiration about the forthcoming 'roll-out' (ugh!) of Community Justice and CJSSS (Criminal Justice Simple Speedy and Summary) two ideas that carry a powerful whiff of the Downing Street sofa.
I had been reading a little history, and I suddenly made the connection between age-old tradition and practice and what we are trying to achieve in the courts, egged on by MoJ.

Simple. Speedy. Summary. Involvement of the community in deciding and carrying out justice. How to 'deliver' these objectives? Of course - it's a lynching!

If offenders were seized by the mob and strung up or beaten to death there and then, there would be strong and visible deterrence, a huge saving on court and prison costs, and a fabulous opportunity to flog our camera-phone footage to low-rent TV channels.

I'm in court tomorrow. I shall put the suggestion to my Bench chairman if I see him.

I could be famous if this catches on.