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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Now Where Was I?

I have just fired up the PC to find the thick end of a thousand emails, blog comments, and suchlike. It will be a few days before I get near to dealing with that lot, but I have indulged myself with a ten-minute frenzy of deleting spam emails.
What a time to choose for a break. Like an idiot I chose Glastonbury and Wimbledon time - what better guarantee could there be of rain? That's what we got all right - every single day. And what about the news? New PM, new (well, retreaded) Ministers, bombs, floods, a new justice Act (Oh goody!) and as I predicted, the end of suspended sentences for summary offences such as drink driving, drive disqualified and the rest.
Just a thought before I go and do something important:- I have complained time and again over the Government's habit of passing new (and usually useless) laws every time that something alarms the tabloids. Now we have a serious, albeit bungled, attempt to blow up a lot of people and what do we read? The first man to be charged has been charged under the 1883 Explosive Substances Act. I rest my case.