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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Standards R Us

The latest issue of The Magistrate has just thudded (okay, flopped) onto the doormat at Bystander Towers. Virginia Burton JP has written about her chairmanship training, and she writes, sensibly:
There needs to be a debate...on accepted standards in respect of:
Hands in Pockets
Wearing Baseball Caps
Mobile Phones
Wearing Sunglasses
Bare Midriffs
Bare Shoulders
Deep Cleavages
Shirts or trousers showing thongs/bottom cleavages or very short skirts
Clothes or head coverings allowable in court for people of various faiths

Well asked, Virginia, but surely that's enough about the lawyers? What about their clients?
Seriously though...I know exactly what my court chairman view is on all of that lot. For what it's worth it's
only on women,
really depends,
and finally, I have already blogged that one

I am sorry for the cheap gibe about lawyers, but I had to pre-empt Rogerborg.