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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bad Loser

Someone pointed me toward one of the pro-speeding sites the other day, where I found this:-
ECHR Abandons Justice
The European Court of Human Rights as shown itself to be a worthless government lacky (sic) by ignoring fundamental principles of 'justice'.
The court ruled that the human rights of drivers were not breached by UK law forcing them to incriminate themselves if charged with exceeding a speed limit.
This reminded me of the old legal aphorism:-
The Magistrates were corrupt/freemasons/stupid = I lost my case
The whole system is corrupt = I lost my appeal
British Justice stinks = I have just had my lawyers' bill
The other thing that came to mind was the 'Citizen Kane' scene in which Kane goes into his own newspaper's office when it is clear that he has lost the election. His editor holds up the front page proof :- "KANE WINS. Heads are shaken. The alternative front page is held up:- "FRAUD AT POLLS".