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Thursday, December 20, 2007

This Could Be Interesting

A Minister has floated the idea of banning payment for sex.
Two things come to mind:-
Firstly, Ms Harman, have you ever read about King Canute?
Secondly, As a lawyer you will be aware that you belong to the world's second-oldest profession. What chance have you got of outlawing the oldest?

Of course we should be merciless in dealing with traffickers and pimps. Of course we should offer compassionate and supportive help to these poor young women when they emerge from their near-slavery.

But to ban payment for sex? The lawyers will have a field day on the definitions involved, and the courts will have some very interesting knots to untangle.

Sorry, Harriet (we have met, but you won't remember me) - have a nice Christmas, a decent drink, and a sober re-think.