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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Crawl and Unusual Punishment

The Lady of a Certain Age who was found drifting along a motorway at ten miles per hour has been dealt with by magistrates. In my view their sentence was sensible and compassionate, as well as being in the interests of the public's safety.
She was given a three months' Conditional Discharge (pretty close to as low as you can go) and a very short disqualification, as well as a requirement to take a new test before driving again. If the reports are correct, that is probably the end of her driving career.
That's how it should be done, with the bench considering all of the facts and tailoring the sentence to the individual and to the public interest. We shall see less and less of this in future, as the onward march of the fixed penalty and the Police/CPS axis sees more and more rubber-stamp justice-lite carried out behind closed doors.