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Friday, March 14, 2008

Odd One, This

This p*ss-taking nutcase appears to have (literally) put up two fingers at the traffic laws, and not been disqualified, albeit receiving a (suspended) prison sentence. Frustratingly, the BBC report does not say what he was charged with, nor why he was at the Crown Court rather than down among the do-gooders (sorry- I'm getting a bit touchy) in the Mags' court. I say no more about this case, being ignorant of the facts, but it is a matter of record that motoring offences that reach the Crown Court often baffle judges, who see them rarely, and that is one of the reasons why two JPs sit with Hizonner on appeals. A while ago I sat with a Recorder, a learned man with a silk gown to his name, but that didn't stop him confusing Special Reasons with Exceptional Hardship on a disqualification appeal.

later:-here's the Mail's take on it, with a bit more information.