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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Loss of Bottle

I have previously written about the unlawful taking of a milk float in Buckinghamshire.
The other day my colleagues dealt with two dairy-linked cases in a quarter of an hour. In the first a man on his way to start work at the dairy in the small hours managed to crash into a tree, damaging his (diesel) milk float beyond repair. Police enquiries revealed him to be four times over the alcohol limit. The very next case involved an electric milk wagon, that was wending its stately voltaic way along the road when it was firmly rammed in the rear by a car driven by - yes - a drunk driver. The weight and design of an electric milk float make it a pretty unyielding object to hit, and this one was more than a match for the Renault that ploughed into it. Another write-off then.
You wait twelve months for a milk-float case, then two come along at once.