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Sunday, June 15, 2008

It Isn't Just Me, You Know

I welcome the thousands of comments that have come in to the blog since I started, and I happily accept the occasional bit of abuse, but some people have strayed from joshing into the realm of cruelty over the Great Biscuit Problem. My few, restrained, mild comments on the fact that I and my colleagues do not get biscuits while the court up the road (where our admin is centred - aha!) gets ad lib chocolate ones, have attracted unkind and sometimes hurtful replies.
Now here is an edited piece from rollonfriday.com, the unofficial but respected site for City lawyers:-
Why law firms are like biscuits
On the face of things it looks like there is wide variety but under all the different, tasty, coatings they're all the same...
They cost a packet.
Often both are accompanied by mugs.
They are appreciated by most consumers, though occasionally someone reacts badly on finding they contain nuts.
Although it costs far less to instruct a packet of biscuits to do a legal task, the end product is usually the same.
They both pile on the pounds.
They consists of a few crumbs held together by a lot of dough.
Everyone uses them, but the interesting, enticing exterior never really hides the dry, boring interior.
It's more like a bargain box of broken biscuits: there's a few tasty gems in amongst the old crumblies.
Thanks chaps.