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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just When We Thought The Beast Was Dead.......

When Tony Blair stood down and Gordon Brown took his place most people in the Criminal Justice system crossed their fingers and hoped that Blair's obsession with gimmicky and useless quick-fix ideas on crime would depart with him. Brown has yet to make a major speech on law and order. So far, so could-be-worse.
Now, like some long-lost creature arising from the swamps, the dreadful Louise Casey, the one-time 'Respect Agenda' supremo, has emerged, brandishing the fruits of her year's deep thinking on Crime, The Universe, and Everything. It is pure Blairite stuff (or perhaps the word is guff) and is largely presentational. Most of the few useful ideas are already happening, such as improvements in witness care.
Here's a sample of the report's profound insights, focusing on the bleeding obvious. (How did capital punishment sneak in there?)

Motherhood and apple pie may take a little longer.

Here's the summary. Real masochists can find the whole document on the Cabinet Office site.
I have a horrible feeling that Ms.Casey actually believes all this rubbish. Surely there is a vacancy for her at the Min. of Ag. and Fish, or some such. After all, cod need all the help they can get. Or perhaps she could become the Pollack Czarina.