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Monday, June 09, 2008

Liberal What?

I am sorry to see that Inspector Gadget has bought into the neocon calumny of the 'liberal elite'. This imported phrase is lazy and dishonest, with overtones of a chippy Other Ranks mentality. Its use fits neatly with conspiracy theories , revealing more about the user than anything else.
Of course this country has an elite - every country does. And every country gets to see that elites are on the whole more often illiberal than the converse. Just have a look at the Blair regime from 1997 to 2007. Elite? certainly. Liberal? Don't make me laugh.
This comment appears on the Policeman's blog, and is typical of the genre:-
My impression of most magistrates is that they are attracted to the post for the prestige of the title and position, rather than any real desire to involve themselves in the important checks and balances of justice.
No evidence: in fact, plain wrong, as well as insulting. That's sad. We need to encourage police and JPs to talk, in a general context; not to discuss legal or political issues, but to reveal to both groups that under the carapace of a uniform or behind the elevated bench there are real people trying to do their best in a system that is not always well thought-out.