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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Judgement Call 2

A young man has just been refused admission to a medical school because he has a conviction for burglary, acquired when he was younger. The college has said that it is protecting the integrity of the profession, and I can understand that. Only a few weeks ago I had to sign a certificate of good character for a young man seeking admission to one of the Inns of Court - despite the cheap cynicism that has become the fashion these days the great professions of this country still deserve the public's trust.
On the other hand, having heard the young man being interviewed, I can see why he was turned down, since he seems to think that he has been harshly treated - I suspect that he talked himself out of his college place by trying to present himself as a victim.
And yet - the practice of demanding CRB checks from all and sundry, soon to extend to nearly half the population, means that many will pay a high price for the kind of youthful foolishness that most of us have got away with in the past.

Thanks to Jeremy for this link.

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