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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yet Another Cautionary Tale

I hate to labour a point, but this BBC report serves to reinforce the importance of getting legal advice before agreeing to a police caution. What can seem like a simple and relatively painless procedure may have unforseen and far-reaching consequences in these days of CRB checking. A solicitor will be able to advise whether it is appropriate to admit the offence, or whether it should be tested before an independent and impartial court. Sometimes of course a caution will be the best way out, but a lay person, alone and unrepresented in the inevitably intimidating environment of a custody suite, is in no position to make that judgement without professional advice.
Just one other thing - am I the only person to be astounded that this child's response to a slap from her father was to call the police?

(Later) - here's more.