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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Schadenfreude - latest!

It has been a good few days for those people (and heaven forfend that I should be counted among their number) who have been treated to the sight of irritating and smug people and institutions coming to grief one after another. Some hedge funds, understood by few of us, seem to have walked into a sucker punch over Volkswagen shares. A Prime Minister who proclaimed the end of boom and bust now wishes that he had not. Leaders such as those of Russia and Venezuela who had developed a swagger based on $140 oil are contemplating the taste of humble pie (it's good for you - I know, I've been there).
Finally there is the Ross/Brand business that has humbled a couple of men who had begun to believe that they were bigger than the BBC.
Just two points about that:- As one who enforces TV licence payment against mostly poor people, I am affronted by the fees paid to these and similar performers; and I am just relieved, in view of what happened, that neither of them was on drink or drugs at the time. That would be too awful to contemplate, surely.