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Friday, February 06, 2009

Downfall of a Master Criminal (no. 4 of a series)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a couple from the less exalted strata of society have a difference of opinion, usually during the evening, and often after consuming drink or drugs, and when that difference goes from the verbal to a screaming match, to shoves, slaps and worse, someone will call the police. The police will always attend, following their strict Domestic Violence protocols, and usually arrive to cries of "I want him (or her) done" and the like.
Such was the case last week, when Yasmin sent for the Met. She answered the doorbell and invited the officers inside. Unfortunately she and her paramour Duncan had overlooked the rocks of crack cocaine and the drug-smoking paraphernalia on the living room table. The PCs decided that this merited their attention even more than the alleged assault, and a subsequent search of the house revealed some thousands of pounds in cash in an upstairs room, as well as scales and plastic self seal bags.
So Yasmin got her wish: Duncan was done, as was she, but for Possession With Intent to Supply, and the cash was seized with a view to its being forfeited. The assault seems to have dropped off the radar.
So if you are in the drug business, and if you are surrounded with gear, and if you have a row - I wouldn't call the Old Bill if I were you.