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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Jobs for The Boys and Girls

Here is a list of the almost-incredible numbers of managers in a Primary Care Trust, compiled by a doctor who has to read their emails.
It started me thinking about the massive spending review currently under way in the Courts' Service. The financial shortfall is so huge that we have been warned that nothing has been ruled out, so expect court closures and mergers and an even greater fall-off in service quality than we have already seen. Here's a helpful hint to the HMCS managers who are looking at what they call 'the business':-
To run my court properly, we need:
Lawyers (one per courtroom, and a couple spare)
Ushers (one per courtroom)
Probation Officers
Jailers (already provided by contractors)
A couple of chaps on the front door
Four or five people in the office to get the files out, put them away, and answer the phone.
That's it.
I do hope that assists.