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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lord Ahmed Out On Appeal

The Appeal Court has today substituted a Suspended Sentence Order for the 12 week sentence imposed for Dangerous Driving involving the sending of texts from his cellphone. I have nothing to say about that sentence as the case had a few complexities.
He has already served 16 days. In reality, in the crazy world of shortish prison sentences his 84 day sentence would be cut to 42 days by automatic release, then he should get the 18 days early release brought in as a panic measure when the jails finally overflowed, so 42 minus 18 is 24, less 16 served leaving eight days that he now won't have to do. So even if the Governor didn't use his power to turf him out, he would have been out next week anyway. Hardly worth bothering the Appeal Court, was it?