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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One Law For The Rich?

This report is a classic tabloid piece, conforming to the 'how dare they?' school of journalism.
The story speaks for itself.
Is it so awful that when imposing a community penalty the bench should strive to avoid putting the defendant out of a job?
It comes as a surprise and a relief when we discover that the wretch before us has a job, and since a job plays such a huge part in preventing reoffending we bend over backwards to ensure that our sentence should not interfere with it.
So on your bike, Mail journo - the bloke's employer may be a toff, but isn't it worth cutting the guy a bit of slack to keep him working, paying tax, and doing his community punishment?
There are worse things than being the butler to a Countess, after all. He could be a Daily Mail hack, and how much respect would that earn him?