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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Truly Alarming - updated

This was originally posted about a month ago. I have brought it back up because of the latest development.

I am grateful to Jerym Eedy for sending me the link to this PA report, via Yahoo. The Sun runs it here.
If the Chief Constable is correctly quoted (and the Press Association is a highly respected source of news) then he is considering whether or not to defy an order of the High Court. From what is reported he either intends to appeal to the 'court of public opinion' pace Harriet Harman, or he considers that the rank of Chief Constable gives him powers equal or superior to a High Court judge.
If either case is true he would be out of place as a traffic warden, let alone as a Chief Constable.
I hope to see some urgent 'clarification' from him at an early opportunity. The thought that he might carry out his threat raises many issues about the relationship between the police and the judiciary.

Much later - here's the outcome.