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Friday, August 21, 2009

Ave Atque Vale

The blog is back up and I have restored the sidebar link. AP has now had the pleasure of reading his own obituary, a privilege granted to few of us.
I am sorry to see that the Anonymous Prosecutor's Blog has been taken down today. One can only surmise that he wasn't as anonymous as he thought he was. Shame; it was a good read and the prosecutors' point of view is a valuable contribution to our understanding of the criminal justice system. Perhaps someone will fish AP's posts out of the great cache in the sky - I'll be happy to put in a link if so. (Now done - ed)
When I first started this blog there was a deal of alarm among management, senior judiciary, and even the MA. I hope that I have dispelled any fears and that I have done some good and no harm, but I have never kidded myself that my anonymity was strong. Any second-term computer studies undergrad could track me down in no time, and with the Government's eavesdropping resources the authorities could probably find out what I had for breakfast if they wanted to. To save expense, I can say that I had porridge, kippers, and a cup of builders' tea.
When politicians blather about openness and transparency, and, yes, community involvement I immediately think of their Stalinist reaction to people in the system who try to shine a little light into their own dark corners.