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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nice Try...

We reviewed a lad's Suspended Sentence Order a couple of weeks ago. Our DJ had imposed the sentence and ordered periodic reviews; this is a good idea, but tricky with a lay bench. DJ wasn't in, so we did it. Young man had made good progress, keeping his appointments and showing positive behaviour on site. "So far, so good" I said, before announcing a further review that will be in front of the DJ. Laddo raised his hand (as they do) and said "can I ask something?". "Yes" I replied, in my ever-helpful way. "Do I get any time off my unpaid work for this? I've wasted a lot of time today".
I caught the eyes of a row of case-hardened local briefs, all of them grinning from ear to ear. "You can ask the District Judge when you come back", I said. "But I wouldn't hold out too much hope". Knowing nods from assembled briefs.
If he has any sense he won't try that one on next time, but I wouldn't put it past him.