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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Another Sackful of Issues

This story is one with which I have only the most passing acquaintance, but a cursory reading seems to invite a question or two.

Why do the headlines speak of 'Straw Pardons...'? I thought that was the Queen's job.
Why now? The case seems to have a bit of a history, and the 'Justice' secretary has previously refused to let the man out.
We all understand the rationale behind prisoner exchanges that allow those convicted to serve out their sentences in their home country's prisons. It is humane, especially for the convict's family. Does the agreement between Governments transfer judicial as well as custodial power? If not, will any country in future trust the UK to keep its prisoners locked up until the original sentence expires?
When the Lord Chancellor and Minister of Justice refers to this man as "morally and technically innocent" how does that fit with English law? Morally? Technically? What would a jury make of that?
In the wake of the Biggs and Megrahi cases, was this decision taken on its own merits?
Will the Labour vote in Liverpool be affected at next year's election?
Truly, we live in interesting times.