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Friday, October 09, 2009

Fingers Crossed

The road that runs past the the road that leads to my local pub has a bad accident record; there have been several fatalities there in recent years, one of which I witnessed, when I watched a young motorcyclist die on the grass verge despite the attentions of paramedics and a doctor. Until recently the limit on the road was 60 mph, but a few months ago a 600 yard length had a 40 mph limit imposed. Not everyone took notice, but in recent weeks a pair of high-tech signs have been installed, measuring the speed of approaching vehicles and flashing up a speed warning when appropriate.
If this works, it has to be a better solution to the speeding problem than cameras. If it does not, then the Mr.Toads will have no excuse to whinge about nasty gadgets that interfere with their 'right' to drive as fast as they like, where and when they like.
Let us see.