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Saturday, December 12, 2009

That's Nice

The blog appears to have just passed two million page views. I am very pleased and a little awed by that.

I started the whole thing (at my son's suggestion) in 2005 because I wanted to shed some light on a magistrates' courts' system that is still poorly understood. Some people in the system were unhappy and a few wanted to have me identified and slung off the bench. Gradually, most people realised that there is much to gain and little to fear from telling the public what we do in its name.

I am proud of being a magistrate and proud of what we do. Of course the system isn't without faults and many of the 34,000 comments we have had have pointed that out. But JPs have served the country for something like 700 years, and despite the gloomier prognostications I expect them to carry on doing so for a while yet.