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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Totally Personal

This is me, it's personal and it's nothing to do with my being a magistrate, so no comments on those lines please.

Personal. Right?

Gerry Adams has a few family problems. As a human being I sympathise, and would not wish this on anyone.

But just a minute Gerry:- What about the many hundreds of fathers brothers sisters children and friends who were blown up, shot, maimed, and mangled by the organisation that you supported and, by some accounts, headed? Your family is suffering from an alleged horrible misuse of power. What did the innocents of the IRA campaign suffer?

What about the civilians who were blown to rags by IRA bombs, or the fathers shot in front of their families, or the poor sods caught in the crossfire of your war?

Tears are for crocodiles as far as you are concerned, Gerry. Some of us have long memories.