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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oops! (Part of a Series)

Those responsible for printing the Norfolk Magistrates' Yearbook seem to have slipped up in their choice of printer. Once the initial schadenfreude has passed, this is not, in reality, particularly serious. I have never heard of a case of any magistrate being harassed or attacked (other than by the sensationalist Press, of course) for something he has done in court.
The Yearbook is useful for contacting colleagues for all those little queries that come up, although I prefer email for convenience. Ours included everyone's date of appointment, so you could watch your name climbing painfully up the seniority list. We lost the books a couple of years ago to save money; diaries were done away with last year. Absurdly, I had an email from the Bench Secretary the other day urging me to pick up amended details of a colleague next time I was at court, as she has been ordered not to email this information for 'security' reasons. In all my time on the Bench I have been listed in the phone book, and I have never had an improper call from anyone (apart from one from a barrister that I won't talk about).