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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Running Scared

The Daily Mail appears to be beside itself with terror at the current surge in support for the Liberal Democrats. I have been an avid reader of the press since my teens, and I was in my element at university when I could settle down in the JCR after breakfast (in the unlikely event that I had got up early enough for breakfast) and fillet the whole of the national press. Now I can do it online before I go to bed.
Here's a cracker:
Nick Clegg in Nazi slur on Britain as he claims 'our delusions of grandeur' at winning war are more a cross to bear than German guilt
In other articles it appears that the Lib Dems are going to release 60,000 criminals onto the streets (aided by some really dodgy statistics) and there are many similar attacks that serve only to prove how desperate Dacre's men and women are becoming. As I said the other day, it's going to be an interesting couple of weeks.