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Monday, May 03, 2010

Antisocial Idiot

This is the website of a greedy and anti social idiot who makes a living by selling various devices that are designed to help drivers who break the law to escape justice. This latest gadget is claimed to interfere with the signals from some police detection devices - I am not a lawyer but I understood that to be illegal.

Perhaps this entrepreneur (who sends his emails as 'Adam Blair') will move on to develop devices to prevent CCTV cameras from identifying shoplifters and then who knows? Sprays to negate DNA capture from crime scenes? Gloves for burglars branded 'Noprints'? Software to disguise access to child porn? These are all laws that some people disapprove of, so why not, Adam?

What is it about speeding that turns normal citizens' morals on their heads, and leads them to think that they can legitimately go on not just to break the law but to buy devices to defeat police enforcement?

And when these selfish fools are burgled or assaulted, where do they run to for help? Yup - the police they are so happy to thwart when they are behind a steering wheel.