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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sorry, But Is This A Sensible Use Of Prison?

The story of this lady, who told fibs to a posh person in order to con herself into a job paying a princely six quid an hour is a sad one.
She was a willing seller and her Rt.Hon. employer was a willing buyer. The paperwork was dodgy. So can it really be right or sensible to bang her up in a grand-a-week prison?
I cannot comment, but my streetwise friend, Dodgy Keith, recommends all itinerant immigrant low paid cleaners to insist on readies, no questions asked. That's what he does in his building business, and he earns a damn sight more than six quid an hour. He won't get out of bed for less than two ton a day.
The 85000 prisoners are now 85001. Not a triumph for justice or a sensible penal system.