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Thursday, June 24, 2010


One of the courts down for closure is Salford. The Salford Bench has put a lot of commitment into the Community Justice initiative (about which I have severe reservations) over recent years, piloting the 'Community-Lite' ideas that were dreamed up when the glossy and well-funded North Liverpool 'Community Justice Centre' quickly showed that the full CJ agenda would be ruinously expensive if extended across the country. Salford did their best, but now closure awaits.

In the mercifully-fading years of New Labour's tinkering with the justice system many millions were thrown away on nonsense like the Respect Agenda, Night Courts, Community Justice (remember the wheeze to sit courts in the church hall?) Intermittent Custody, Custody Plus, and more. Let's hope the new people in charge are hard headed about sticking to proven core functions.