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Monday, July 12, 2010

Joined Up Or Cocked Up?

I had an email from David the other day. It speaks for itself. He writes:-
Seen this?:


I hope this is an example of crashingly inept right-hand/left-hand trouble. If not, against a background of courts being cancelled because we aren't allowed to replace legal advisors, court closures and all the rest of it, it looks rather like two fingers being waved at the lay Magistracy. And the message to the general public is: you're going to have to travel further when you're summoned to court; we can't be arsed to collect over a billion in unpaid fines and we're happy to pay millions a year to have justice dispensed by singleton stipes rather than by volunteers selected from among inhabitants of the real world.

It is, to say the least, interesting that at a time when four out of ten courthouses face closure and the continuing fall in the number of cases coming to court is likely to be enshrined in Government policy for financial reasons, there are plans to hire a further 30 DJ(MC)s.