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Friday, August 27, 2010

Bad Call

I have often pointed out the hopeless incompetence of so many of our customers. At the petty level most criminals do really badly out of their adopted trade; for example drug dealers usually live with their mother, which is hardly dead cool.

This week's Mr.Unlucky was driving along when he took exception to the way in which another car was driven at a merge point. He hooted, he waved, he swore. At the traffic lights along the road he leapt out of his car, rushed over to the offending Astra, and attempted to throttle the casually dressed driver. When the passenger held out his warrant card, shouting 'Police!' Mr. Unlucky claims not to have seen or heard.

He was duly arrested after a scuffle, in the course of which he suffered cuts and bruises, and came before us after a night in the cells.

What kind of loser manages, out of thousands of cars on the road, to have a go at two plain-clothes PCs on their way to a job in an unmarked police car?

That's right; Mr. Unlucky.