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Monday, March 07, 2011

Er - Sorry 'Bout That

The above is what a US officer is supposed to have said after a map reading error resulted in the razing of the wrong village in South Vietnam.

I wonder who will say what about this?
The landlord of the Bristol landscape architect Jo Yeates has been released from police bail nine weeks after another neighbour was charged with her murder.

Christopher Jefferies, 66, a retired school teacher, was originally arrested on December 30 on suspicion of murdering Miss Yeates, who was found strangled on Christmas morning. Miss Yeates had been missing for eight days since attending a Christmas party with colleagues from the Bristol firm where she worked when she was found covered by snow by a couple out walking their dog.

Mr Jefferies was released without charge two days later but until last Friday police had not clarified his status as an official suspect even after another man was charged with the murder.

Or - this?

Before I am accused (again) of having an anti-police agenda, may I say that it is the media from which a statement is due.

Since there are currently a few burnt fingers over contempt, we may have to wait for a conclusion to the Yates case for an apology. Don't hold your breath though.

Looking on the bright side, Mr. Weirdo (as was) can look forward to a nice new home and a world cruise or two as recompense for his savage treatment at the hands of Fleet Street.