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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Keep An Eye Out For This One

As a Times reader I have noticed in the last little while a gentle whiff on the breeze, signifying that an idea is being floated. An article or two, and a number of letters to the editor suggest that someone is opening up the debate as to whether the police should have an officer corps, rather like the armed forces. Now there is a front-page report in today's Sunday Times to the same effect.

It's a big debate, but it is one that needs to take place, as the highest levels of our police forces are not presently held in very high esteem.

Ambitious and bright graduates from the best universities strive to get into medicine, the law, the media, business and the City, and firms put great effort into recruiting the brightest and best, but you rarely hear of highly talented young people who see their future in the police, despite the importance and the potential rewards of the service.

This could be interesting.