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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Little Off-Topic Philosphy

I am a regular user of the M40 into London; as you approach Denham there is a long fence on the left that has carried a range of graffiti over the years.I don't know if the landowner is of a philosophical bent or whether he has nocturnal visitors wielding paintbrushes (this is not your spray-can sort of stuff). For a long time a hundred-foot stretch of fence carried the haunting question "WHY DO I DO THIS EVERY DAY?" which must have struck a chord with many commuters. Today I noticed that the question has been replaced with "SHALL WE CHANGE DIRECTION?" which is another good question so long as you do not apply it to your driving at that particular point.

A bridge on the A40 approaching Oxford carried the legend "PANAVIA TORNADO" for a long time, but I never did understand why. Later the legend "PLANK IS GOD" appeared on the same bridge for a similarly unfathomable reason.

But the prize has to go to the long concrete parapet on a roundabout near Harrow on the Hill station. Somebody must have spent ages painstakingly painting, in foot-high letters, "NICHOLAS PARSONS IS THE NEO-OPIATE OF THE PEOPLE"

No, I can't guess either.