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Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Is The Point Of This?

In a moment of carelessness a driver caused a massive accident that killed her aged parents.

She was charged with Causing Death By Careless Driving, a Blair-era offence that was enacted at the behest of The Sun's lust to Cage The Killer Drivers.

What on earth is the point of imposing a community penalty with unpaid work? The offence carries up to 5 years inside (for, be it said, what can be a simple human error). Humans make mistakes; this woman has paid the appalling price of knowing that she has killed her own parents, in addition to injuring herself seriously.

Does anyone, even at Wapping, seriously believe that this is likely to inspire other drivers to take more care tomorrow? Will it save a single life? If you follow the Sun's logic, the driver should now be behind bars.