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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Perception vs. Reality - For Some Of Us

It's a truism that crime figures are by their nature unreliable, because of variations and inconsistencies in the collection of raw data. This report points out what most of us already know, that there is a disconnect between perceived and actual rates of crime. Most crimes go unreported for a whole host of reasons - at best because the loss was minor and the victim can't be bothered, at worst because the victim is terrified of the offender. I saw an instance last week where appalling bullying and intimidation had gone unreported and unpunished because the local community had a well-founded fear of retribution from their oppressors.

Some commentators focus on the feral underclass, and label whole estates with a dismissive nickname. In truth the real victims are the innocent but helpless neighbours of the thieves and bullies, who are at far more risk of crime than those who live in glossier areas. I don't suppose they fill in all that many surveys either.