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Friday, December 16, 2011

Trouble Shooters - Guess Who's Here?

The government has apparently identified 120,000 troubled families on whom it would like to target support. It has set up a Troubled Families Team to be run - uh-oh - by Louise Casey, a lady for whom my admiration is severely limited.

Ms Casey comes to the job from her triumph sorting out unpaid work (that she relabelled Community Payback) so it's all better now, then she got herself named as Victims' Commissioner. Victims are presumably now sorted so that she can move on to troubled families. That problem will presumably go away in the nine months or so before she moves onto her next project.

The reports have spoken of squads of trouble shooters. My grumpy friend Duncan opined that he is in favour of them, so long as they identify people causing trouble and shoot them.